Anti-Trump Sentiment A Media Driven Fallacy

Massive anti-Trump sentiment is a media-driven fallacy. The media use their collective voices to mislead people into believing opposition to Trump is widespread. Groups of protestors are noisy and boisterous, which gives the appearance their numbers are larger than they actually are, but they only represent a small fraction of the country. The GOP bolsters the media's anti-Trump attacks in their attempt to manipulate the president into falling in line with their do nothing agenda. People did not elect Trump to be a lapdog for the GOP. Time will prove Trump's attacks on his Republican "allies" were justified. The GOP should get in line with Trump, not the other way around.

Individual changes often present a difficult adjustment period. Draining the swamp of corruption and deception is a massive undertaking, but we have a fearless, larger than life president who has committed his administration to making America great again. Democrats do not want any changes in the status quo, because it uncovers decades of their financially driven corruption and hits them in their bank accounts. Republicans oppose Trump, because he shows them to be the spineless wimps and Democrat butt kissers they have always been.

Americans must rally behind the president and be vocal in their support to show the media people have wised up to their fake news. They must also show the world that the Soros financed demonstrators represent a tiny, insignificant portion of the United States population. Soros is an old joke no longer worth repeating. The people showed their trust in President Trump when they elected him, and he continues to have their support as he works to keep his promise to Make America Great Again.

The Children Have Taken Over

Every home contains memorabilia from significant events in their family's history, whether happy or painful. Our country is the macrocosmic version of the individual family unit. Children are not sufficiently developed psychologically to make the decision to destroy items representing their family history. Our country is watching and awaiting a response to the mentally underdeveloped individuals running wild and destroying, with impunity, any visible reminder of a time in history they believe their actions can erase. They have taken it upon themselves to deny the rest of the country, and future generations, access to objects they deem offensive. If this destruction took place in an individual home, they would be severely punished. The country is awaiting the fate of those who dishonor our history with their selfish acts. Rationalizing their actions, or a slap on the wrist, will not suffice.

The Push of a Button

We live in a world where the push of a button can supplant the need for dispersing armies to resolve conflicts. It is not just an ordinary button; it is a button with the power to unleash devastating and irreversible damage and death. If pushed, that button alters the physical and political composition of the world for decades, perhaps centuries. When the hand with the power and the authority to push that button comes attached to a lunatic, words alone cannot calm his excitement or still his trembling hand as it bekons to eternity.
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The Push of a Button continued

No words spoken by man can impart the qualities of sanity, compassion and the ability to reason to a brain damaged by lifelong indoctrination. North Korea's Kim Jong Un is not just a menace; if allowed to continue toying with weapons of mass destruction, he is the harbinger of a bleak, dark and desolate destiny.

Sane parents would never allow a mentally deficient child to play with matches. World leaders assume the role of parents to their people, and, like actual parents, must provide protection from harm. Kim has moved far beyond the bullying stage and evolved into a full-blown pandemic threatening to spread his deadly infection throughout the world. World leaders desiring stability, peace and prosperity for their people, know there is only one outcome for this disease; it must be eradicated.

Time to Squash Terrorism

It is impossible to believe that, with the sophisticated intelligence operations in the United States, Europe, Israel and elsewhere, terrorist attacks still occur. After each attack, it is revealed that security agencies had advanced notice, but either failed to act, chose not to act, or did not consider it a serious threat. Each of these responses has led to needless death and injury. It is time for peace loving countries to get their act together. Terrorism is the precursor of World War III. War is no time for pc. Countries must unite now, work and attack together as a worldwide unit to fight this war and obliterate every known terror organization. Just monitoring evil hoping to get a heads up on future attacks can never have the same result as removing it from the face of the earth.

This is no time to have wusses as country leaders. Do your job and keep the people who elected you and who depend on you to keep them safe and alive. President Trump is definitely not a wuss. The world needs more leaders like him, and less cowards and obstructionists like members of the Democrat Party.

On the Brink

Is North Korea's little madman, Kim Jong Un, taunting President Trump and our allies in the region? Is Kim a madman, a fool, just plain stupid or suicidal? The pea-sized leader of an equally small East Asian nation with nuclear weapons has engaged in a pissing contest with a super power whose nuclear arsenal can pulverize him and his entire country. Trump is trying to be civil and not embarrass the little Madman of Asia, but Kim is testing Trump's, and America's, patience. If Trump doesn't silence this little loud mouth who holds a weapon of mass destruction in his shaky little hands, someone with less concern for innocent Korean victims and more concern for their own people will step in and squash the little bug who, mentally and physically, could never achieve the status of becoming a man. The United States can take Kim out without endangering his entire country. Kim's outlandish and threatening rhetoric makes eliminating him a reasonable and unquestionable necessity.

A Socially Accepted Political Mafia

With widely publicized lies and false accusations to keep the peoples attention focused away from them and directed at those who could reveal their corruption, Democrats have, since 1827, hidden behind a curtain of deceit, deception and immorality. Exploiting social changes, in large part spurred by immigration, for decades, Democrats have garnered a political and financial bonanza. Motivated by an insatiable hunger for power, they put in place a magnificent political machine capable of providing the crumbs of false benevolence to a starving populace; and people today, the

needy and the greedy, prove, just as they did nearly two centuries ago, how gullible they are. With very little tweaking, Robin S, Kigel, in her article, "The Political Returns of Philanthropy: The Case of Tammany Hall," describes today's Democrat Party. With one hundred ninety years of corruption embedded in their genes, Dems have become a socially accepted political mafia.

Kigel, R. S. 2012 Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse [Online] The Political Returns of Philanthropy: The Case of Tammany Hall.

Politics Bad Seeds

Politics is a vicious game, and the only losers are the governed. Democrats, politics bad seeds, have a long history of corruption and taking advantage of the needy, the uninformed and the undereducated for political gain. Election tampering is not new to Democrats. In the early nineteenth century, Irish immigrants were an easy target for corrupt Tammany Hall Democrats. They carted immigrants by the truckload to polling places, helping each of them to cast multiple illegal votes to ensure a Democrat win. Individuals casting multiple votes at several polling places still occurs as evidenced by the 2016 elections. Fortunately, in this election, it did not affect the outcome.

African Americans were another targeted group. The African Americans were another targeted group. The proliferation of slavery was a Democrat atrocity. The 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, received 100% of its support from Republicans and 23% from Democrats. Fortunately, the veil of deceit eventually was shredded. With Democrat use and abuse exposed, most African Americans no longer blindly follow Dems with their hands extended to catch the crumbs of welfare, unemployment and despair.

Democrats have now turned their evil eye toward a new trusting and unsuspecting group - immigrants. They ply this group with the familiar tools of welfare and food stamps, and offer them the "protection" of sanctuary cities where they can reside without fear of deportation. Illegals eagerly await the opportunity to vote in American elections. Fortunately, casting an illegal vote does not miraculously extend citizenship.
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The United States is a nation of laws, which support the strong, cohesive foundation upon which stands one of the greatest countries in the world. While most immigrants are hard working and self-supporting, like the immigrants in the days of Tammany Hall, many of today's immigrants receive housing, food and a monthly check to become Democrat pawns; and, out of gratitude, many allegedly cast illegal votes for their benefactors. An immigrant study, as reported by Tom Fitton, shows that most illegal voters tend to vote Democrat. Meanwhile, Dems try to cover their corruption by demonizing Republicans as the "bad guys" when they insist immigrants enter the country legally, assimilate and earn their keep. America was built on the backs of immigrants who worked hard and spilled blood, because they knew the freedom and independence America had to offer was invaluable. Nothing of value can ever be earned by living off the dole.

A brief description of each political party would declare Democrats as inherently "corrupt and despicable" and Republicans as "terminal fools," or shills for Democrats.

There is no two-party system in U.S. government; there are only Dems and their lackeys. There can never be two parties when one surreptitiously creates pitfalls to cast shame, doubt and blame on the other party with the objective of damaging its opposition's credibility. Republicans exist to serve as a backboard off which Dems can bounce their lies to see which misses the basket or scores.
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Desperate Dems

Democrats are seething over Trump's accomplishments and popularity. No matter how they assault his honor, integrity, veracity, strength and ability to serve, they end up looking foolish. Dems are losing supporters and are an embarrassment to the United States for their actions obviously spurred by envy and anger over the alleged felon Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016. Democrat's desperation, has caused the spread of Democrat Derangement Syndrome. Instead of putting the people first, Dems pursue their destructive agenda of lies and corruption. Instead of concentrating their energies on fulfilling the duties voters elected them to perform, they waste the people's time and money trying to bring down the President with false accusations, fabricated documents, leaked information that endangers international relations and our national security. There is no limit to the depths of deprivation to which the Democrats will sink in order to accomplish their evil goals. The top priority for too many Democrats is retaining their control by acquiescing to special interests, and lining their pockets. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of the Democrat mindset.

Republicans must rally against Democrats who believe it is they, not the voters, who will decide who resides in the White House. One of the worst, most ineffective, embarrassing, anti-American and corrupt presidents, Barack Obama, whose major accomplishment was creating a racial divide during his time in office, ran out his eight years without threat of impeachment. Obama's questionable and allegedly illegal actions may qualify him for prosecution, but he was never attacked as viciously by Republicans or the media as is President Trump is by Democrats and left-leaning journalists.

For his short time in office, President Trump's accomplishments have had a positive effect on veterans care and treatment, they are beginning to show a positive effect on the economy as well as a decreasing unemployment numbers. While Dems continue fighting to block Trump's positive results, Trump steamrolls them. While terrorists just laughed at pansy Obama's hollow threats, the thought of Trump's response makes them tremble with fear. Trump, the candidate, made promises, and Trump, the President, is fulfilling them against unyielding Democrat resistance, lies, constant unfounded accusations, threats of legal actions, impeachment, attacks on his family and his past business endeavors.

Democrats, blinded by their hatred and evil, continue their feverish attempts to destroy a president legally elected by American voters. They either cannot understand, or choose to overlook the fact that, despite their failed efforts, the people's support for Trump continues to increase. The voters recognize Trump's determined efforts to restore the United States to the glory bestowed upon her by God, the founding fathers and the blood of all those who honorably served to defend her, especially those who paid the ultimate price to preserve America's dignity and her standing as the greatest country the world has ever known. While Democrats seeth, voters have begun to enjoy the effects of Trump's accomplishments. May God bless and protect President Trump and continue to bless his presidency and the United States of America.

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