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We've Had Enough!

After eight years of corruption and the left's attempted dismantling of the United States via the presidency of an anti-American racist, Democrats are locked in a state of disbelief and horror. They cannot comprehend the motivation of someone who wants to fix what they worked so hard to tear asunder. Damaged by so many years of deception, dating back to the days of Tammany Hall, Democrats suffer from tunnel vision of the mind. Their static focus forces them to follow a safe, familiar path. Unfortunately, that path is paved with greed, deception, lies, violence and the insatiable need for power. The Democrat Party's foundation is made up of decades of broken promises and the bruised, crushed bodies of the hopeless sheep who believed in them. It is up to the voters to send a message to swamp-dwelling Democrats that we have had enough.

The Right Man for the Job

Competition, greed and deception are rampant in the corporate world. Successful navigation of such a hostile environment requires exceptional skills, a keen, sharp, quick mind capable of making vital, accurate and often life-saving decisions on the fly — without any wiggle room. Governments are the corporate world's evil twin. It takes a defector from one paradigm of evil, who is familiar with its modus operandi, to defeat the other. Trump is the right man for the job of saving the United States, but undoing all the damage of the past eight years will take much more the three weeks he has been in office. He is on the right path. Give the guy a chance.

Flynn Is Out. A Smart Move?

Flynn did the honorable thing by resigning, whether or not the White House requested it. However, was the resignation overkill? The fact that the DOJ, which obviously eavesdropped on the conversation between Flynn and the Russian ambassador, has not formally accused Flynn of violating the Logan Act, because no violation occurred. The Democrats, intent on embarrassing Trump, were the only ones asking for Flynn's head. Flynn was sacrificed to appease an enemy that has done far worse to sabotage the United States. The Democrats not only gave us an incompetent president, Obama, whose eligibility and win many still question, they are on record discussing their plans for tampering with the 2016 presidential election. The hands of Democrats are covered with the slime of corruption, which they cannot wash away. Their filth did not rub off on Flynn. He is, and remains, an honorable man with a proud record of service to our country.

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Dirty Dems at It Again?

Something more sinister than Flynn's recorded conversation with the Russian ambassador has been uncovered. When an American's conversation is recorded, the intelligence community shields identity of the caller. Flynn's name could only have been revealed if someone in the Obama administration sanctioned it. Other suspicious leaks included details of President Trump's conversations with foreign leaders and information on intelligence investigations. It is reported that the leaks, allegedly linked to the Obama administration, are aimed at discrediting the Trump administration. Democrats demand more information, as usual, to cover up any possible participation on their part by acting like irate innocent bystanders. Whoever the responsible parties are, it all comes out in the wash.

It's About Time

On his recent visit with President Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was right to suggest an open dialog between Trump and President Putin. Cooperation between countries is vital at a time when a brutal force is inflicting barbaric forms of torture on innocents, and launching worldwide terrorist acts. A cult disguising itself as a religion, whose followers adhere to the tenets established by an insane criminal who advocated murder, world domination, rape, pedophilia and slavery among a myriad of other criminally delusional and maniacal precepts, holds the world in its grip. It adherents commit vile and heinous acts of inhumane violence against men, women and children, and they do it with impunity. Putin's violent past makes people question his sincerity. However, considering our alternatives, we should accept his offer to join the United States in defeating ISIS. Russia and the US are aware that, left to their own defenses, Middle Eastern countries cannot defeat ISIS without help. Obama's "it's their war" attitude obviously did not work, nor did withdrawing our troops from Iraq against the advice of our generals. It is time to kick ass and remove ISIS from the face of the earth.

Can Judeo-Christian Values Survive in America?

The tenets of Islam are the antithesis of Judeo-Christian beliefs. Neither the Torah nor the Bible contains passages inciting the faithful to murder nonbelievers, commit acts of pedophilia, rape, the subjugation and beating of women, child marriage, maiming and beheading. Many countries, including Cuba, Angola, Norway, Japan, Germany, Austria, China, Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands have issued edicts banning or limiting the practice of Islam, its prayers, Sharia Law or other aspects of the religion. As the mounting, unstoppable Muslim crime wave spreads across the world in countries giving sanctuary to immigrants and refugees, more countries have come to realize Muslim culture and traditions are incompatible with western values of freedom and equality. The United States should pay attention to the growing list of countries awakening to this unrelenting danger.

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Is There a Monster Hidden in Your Food?

Natural vs Super Foods

In this age of chemically and genetically altered super foods, adequate nutrition takes on a new meaning. How can you decide what is healthy and nutritious and where potential dangers lie?

Food is comparable to pleasant-tasting medicine. Every morsel of food that enters your mouth can enhance or corrupt your physical and psychological well-being. Food can trigger diseas, slow its process or stop disease before it takes hold. Research shows that the aging process responds favorably to a healthy diet and exercise. Chemicals produced from the metabolism of nutrients in your food control your ability to learn, think, reason and perform physical activities. A nutritionally poor diet creates chemical imbalances with negative consequences ranging from subtle to major. What are these consequences?

The Heirs to Your Next Meal

Processed foods are chemically altered to improve taste, texture and nutritional content. Some plant foods - fruits, vegetables and whole grains - are genetically manipulated to combine DNA from different species to increase crop yields, to make the plants resistant to disease and to combine nutritional components from other plants. Controversy continues to surround genetically modified super foods. How will future generations of humans be affected by the chemically altered foods their parents, grandparents and great grandparents consume today? Evolution is a slow process. Scientists caution against the future impact on human DNA as the result of consuming genetically and chemically altered foods. Will long-term consumption of these foods alter human genes, increase susceptibility to new diseases or create genetic anomalies?

                Continued in next column

What's on Your Plate?

The enormous number of nutrition-related health issues people face today should provide enough incentive for everyone to take a closer look at their diets. Until the long-term safety of chemically and genetically engineered foods is proven, whole foods and most organically grown foods -- which are protected by FDA regulations -- provide unaltered, unadulterated nutrients for the body to fuel its processes and to protect life and health today and for future generations. A growing number of foods now carry the “Non-GMO Project Verified seal.” For a list of Non GMO verified products, Click Here.

Processed Foods

Busy people welcomed the time-saving convenience of prepackaged and processed foods. Time consuming meal preparation using fresh, wholesome ingredients is becoming a thing of the past. Processed foods taste good, are easier to prepare and are even included in many weight-loss plans as frozen prepared meals. The ingredients in processed foods and fast foods may have made an even greater contribution to society -- obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. If these foods are so safe to eat, why do they rank so high in the number of foods recalled by the government? How about the foods the government misses? Few people pay attention to food recalls, unless they become ill eating one of the products?

If your schedule does not allow enough time to plan and prepare meals every day, give your body, your health and your family's health the treat of an occasional home-cooked meal made with whole foods. Meat, poultry or fish served with fresh vegetables, a baked potato, home-made soup and fresh fruit for dessert not only tastes great, it is healthier for you and your family. If time allows, you can freeze individual portions of these meals, and take comfort in knowing they do not come with a long list of ingredients you cannot pronounce.

"Scientists Speak," Say No to GMOs
"GMO Facts," Non-GMO Project

International Association of Counselors and Therapists
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