Dirty Dems

Tammany Hall, a corrupt Democratic political machine, ran New York City for nearly two centuries. They were defeated during the 12-year tenure of Republican mayor, Fiorello La Guardia, January 1, 1934 to December 31, 1945. Today, the Dirty Dems are still up to their old tricks. They gave the United States its first black president, unfortunately, he was not ready for prime time. This young visionary, who wanted to transform the US, did a fantastic job of realizing his goal. America, once a proud nation whose values, morals and standing as the greatest country in the world made her the envy of all other nations, no longer carries the banner of champion of justice, defender of the weak and oppressed. Once relied upon for its bold leadership in the defense against tyranny and injustice, the US now looks to others for help. Less capable countries fumble through the process of defending themselves with nominal US support and guidance. This leaves peace loving countries, and the world, vulnerable to its enemies. However, the US does offer consulting services to other countries. America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is now an international joke, a country with rampant racial division, massive unemployment and burgeoning numbers of families on welfare and receiving food stamps. The only thing missing is the bread lines seen during the Great Depression, 1929 to 1939.

For the 2016 Presidential election, the Dirty Dems seek another first – the first woman president. To turn their dream into reality, do they offer an American version of Margaret Thatcher or Indira Gandhi? No, they nominate an alleged felon whose questionable past, shady dealings and incompetence most likely jeopardized America's national security.

The assumption that the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton is all smoke and mirrors may not be too far fetched. Her rallies, for example, do not set records for attendance, the attendees who did show up were mostly paid actors, poll numbers were rigged and falsely reported by the malicious media to create the perception of Hillary's favorability among voters. The Clintons and the Democrat Party are so crooked and devious that even the most far-fetched impression of their actions can accurately describe their intent. To their amazement, Hillary lost. Instead of blaming their flawed candidate, the Dems are feverishly looking elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Dirty Dems, in cahoots with the malicious media, spin even the most innocent remarks or actions attributed to Hillary's opponent, Donald Trump, into major snafus or catastrophes. Then, Dirty Dem soothsayers use their propaganda machine to portend the dismantling of Trump's campaign and the demise of his candidacy. With their close-set beady eyes, and lack of business acumen, they scrutinize Trump's successful business dealings from his pre-political days, at home and abroad, and spin them into acts intended to take work way from Americans. Unfortunately, there remain a large number of people fooled by Dirty Dems lies, deliberate and devious acts of deception.

Democrats continually flip flop on their opinions and excuse their inconsistencies as a reevaluation of the situation upon taking a closer look at the facts. Trump, however, must nail it, get it the first time or face accusations of lack of knowledge or deliberate deception. The Dirty Dems believe they can siphon away Trump supporters to Hillary as they desperately attempt to add live bodies to her false stats – and non-paid attendees to her moribund rallies. They are trying to do a body swap, replacing phenomenally popular Trump with their alleged criminal by confiscating his political victories for her. They got away with using these tactics against fellow Democrat, Bernie Sanders. They cannibalized him, claimed his most popular positions for Hillary and scooped up some of his supporters. Trump, however, is not one of their own. He may not fight dirty, but he is a fierce competitor and warrior who is used to winning. And, because Hillary is possibly a sham and not a real candidate, the obvious winner is President Donald J. Trump.